What are your hobbies ?


Tell me what your hobbies are.
As you now can tell, i'm a writer. l love writing, and i'm trying to write a novel set in the 1960's . l started that story 12 months ago and told myself would do it in 6 months, but l'm still only quarter of the way on the first draft. lv got boxes full of children stories and short stories and poetry but never got round to sending them to publishes. l love poetry and i'm on several Poetry forums and this last year iv been writing music lyrics. Im trying to finish one of my song lyric's off to enter a competition where the winners lyric will be put to music plus a whole load of other prizes. Im a comper as l said in one of my threads, but l also love Genealogy, which l only do my research in the Winter . lv done both my side and my husband s side of the family and got back to 1786 so far. Its a really interesting hobby and l recommend Genealogy.
So as you can see i try to keep very busy when i'm able as it keeps me from getting bored as i'm housebound.
l'd love to hear about any hobbies you have ?


Traveling is a part of my life. I can say it's really my hobby. I work remotely so basically, I travel the world all the time. I have already been to more than 30 countries and even the pandemic didn't affect my plans. Currently, I am planning my next trip and can't decide where to go. Share your favorite spots, please. By the way, do you use any websites/apps to plan trips? I came across travel2be reviews and want to try it.
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Horseback, Chess, Computer building and designing (For myself), Living history,model work in various sources. Trains, trucking and so on.

Many of the things that are not necessary a hobby but rather a life activity including flying. However with my recent ongoing medical stuff most fo all that is on pause. Some activities are probably stopped for life. But I dont know yet. I pretend to pick at the music but not that good anyway. As long the tunes are somewhat recognizeable and I am not taken to the woodshed its ok.

However right now there is just too much going on medically. I endured a surgery wtihout pain medicine until the body collapsed in various ways and fixed by the doctors with the right meds finally. (My state seriously cracked down on my doctors. They are afraid to prescribe anything so they sometimes gamble and just use Tynenol or something that will not draw the State's attention to them. Unfortunately its backfired.

The good part of all this is the work is strong and the replacement repairs were awesome so my nurse says I'll probably be released with no restrictions or further care in a couple weeks instead of months. So that is my new hobby, learning the laws of medicine, medical standards for surgeries and the various body systems affected and how to make sure that does not happen again. And change the living will to DNR among other things. I had a medical emergency in hospital last saturday night and the doctors and nurses were like eh. We dont care. You are not sick sick. Yet. We need this that and other to show up before you get simple blood tests etc. (Key word simple)

With that kind of situation I will live my life however short in joy knowing the hospital wont do a damn thing should I break a leg on horseback. Oh well. so solly. I think I might become a sort of patient advocate or something in the future to fight for them when the medical system refuses to.