What are you thinking about? Part VIII


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The weather is not bad today so my friend and I went hiking near the waterfall. It looked beautiful with snow. It was scary walking down the cliff to get to the waterfall. There are many different waterfalls in my area.
That sounds really pretty ! I like waterfalls too but we have none around here.


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I don't know whether I care about going to Deaf events any more. I don't know whether I should go unless I've a date.

Why do you need a date? These deaf events are a good opportunity for you to meet someone.

(Sorry if that seems a little abrupt - please see my next response 2 posts below.)
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I go to Deaf club by myself all the time. I am not embarrassed.

Same here, but then again, that's because I know just about everyone there. So it's always big giant hug party. :)

But, realistically, for Derek, I understand that it's hard to want go to an event if you don't think you'll know anyone there. So I understand the trepidation, but it's still a good opportunity to find even just one person to strike up a friendship, and who knows, maybe a date. :)