What are you thinking about? Part III

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I'm thinking, more like wondering, if I'll get called back for any jobs that I've applied tonight.

Good luck for the jobs ya have applied. :)

I'm thinking it's good to see trees and flowers coming out as it spring, other thing is I'm not looking forward to Aussie heatwave summer.


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Thinking about work today... hope I can do a fast batch and then home faster... hehe.. also thinking in 1 week I will be in college.. oh boy... hope I aint gonna be damn nervous about going into a college class for the first time in a frigging long time.. lol


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How glad it is a day off for us and I am going out to trade video games. There's a new Professor Layton!! (not that anyone else cares :lol: )


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Im thinking about what this winter will be like. Also, what fall looks like here in Iowa, too. The leaves are changing at the beginning.


Thinking I cant wait to get my new ink this week! Im going to get a discount through a friend's uncle so yay :)


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is thinking I definitely have CTS on my both hands :mad2:

I better go see doctor :mad2: Will look into Miss Delectable's suggestion too.


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posts from hell said:
that was random...

Of course, it's a "what you're thinking about" thread. Going around town taking pictures of favourite hang-out places and such before I move to Vancouver tomorrow. If I had more time, I would be wandering around Royal Oak, Sooke and Siaanch.
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