What are you doing right now? Part II


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Trying to get my ass moving today. I coulda mowed the lawn but paid a neighbor's kid to do it. Yep, I committed a crime in other words. (Unreported income and all that.)
I apparently need to type in utter darkness. I was given a CD, a Mavis Beacon typing course. I am willing to do it. It is just that today I am lazy to my bones and am trying to work myself up to that kind of commitment.


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worked overtime today because the guy walked out for his lunch and not coming back. had to get one guy from other center come to my work to work with me to close the center. Pissed me off for his lying that he is on lunch break.


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At least you had the weekend. I've not had day off since last weekend and my next day off is Saturday night. I get one day off every 2 weeks.


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Sitting on my fat arse waiting for my car to be repaired...they told me last Friday to bring it in at 8am today...I did...and the owner of the shop was not even there...all the employees were outside waiting...(45 minutes)...then to be told the part would not be in until 12am....got a ride home...Seems the owner had a "hangover Monday" or something!