Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show:


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Malachy the Pekingese Takes Top Prize

The 136th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show had a surprise winner this year when a Pekingnese took the coveted Best in Show prize in New York.
Malachy, the four-year-old winner at this year's Westminster show, made it to the final round at the 2011 show but ultimately lost to Hickory, the Scottish Deerhound. This year marks the first time since 1990 the breed took a victory lap at the nation's top dog show prize.

"He doesn't run. He has a dignified Pekingese gait," handler David Fitzpatrick had told The Associated Press.

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Reaction on the ground Tuesday night was that the Malachy has come close so many times that it was an "owed" win. Fitzpatrick, however, has had multiple winners.

This win marks Malachy's 115th overall Best in Show title. On Westminster's opening night he had been named best in the Toy group, which is considered the show's most competitive category.

Judge Cindy Vogels selected the four-year-old Pekingnese amidst a packed crowd at Madison Square Garden, where he defeated a Dalmatian, German shepherd, Doberman pinscher, Irish setter, a Kerry blue terrier and wire-haired dachshund to win the silver bowl.

Although the winner at Westminster does not receive any prize money, the prestige of a win is priceless and will undoubtedly bring in plenty in breeding potential.

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I love it when Pekes win! Reggie was another famous Peke a few years back and I think he was a lot better specimen that Malachy. Still they are a fun dog no matter what.


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The Pomeranians were gorgeous too. Always enjoyed watching Westminister Dog Shows, and so does my doggie, Anita....she goes "wuff-wuff" and even growls sometimes.

Lots of upkeep for those dogs, tho', and expensive too.


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My Pekingese is a deaf shelter dog.. I think he is superior to any other.
Ahhh...that's "Joey" right?....sweet dreams...he looks so darn sweet, I just wanna run over to your house and squeeze him!...I bought my doggie Anita a very pretty pink pillow (silk and soft) last week. She sleeps on it, looks so beautiful.


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He likely has a "dignified gait" because if he runs he'll overheat and collapse and because of how his legs have been made....the Peke who took Westminster has a lot of medical problems due to his breeding; there was this documentary I watched about the alleged degree of genetic medical issues in purebred dogs and especially dogs with extreme features like the Peke. I like Pekes and I do have purebred dogs and I do think there was some sensationalism in the program I saw. But based on discussions about genetics and breeding on our breeder forum and just learning about conformation shows and breed histories, I do have concerns with how things are going in purebred dogs.