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All guys,

you don't like Clanity, Slient, Sonic Alert etc.. for bell door, baby, fire, smoke, etc..

I found new technology called "WeMo" for any IOS Device (ipad/ipod touch, iphone, etc..)

they had Motion Sensor and Baby

see Belkin WeMo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

or search "WeMo"

I wish
add Bell Door for deaf
add RJ11 for deaf - EXTRA like
I have 3 TDD, nTouch, Purple device,
I want if ring to iphone, show "Ring Purple" I go smartVP room, another Ring "nTouch" I go nTouch at Den room, if ring "TDD" I go TDD machine etc.. also if some own house had front or back door.. wish extra WeMo two door bell like if press door iphone show "Front Door" I go front.. if some press at rear, show "Rear Door"..

interest about WeMo future for deaf? Rid of Clanity, Slient, Sonic Alert because deaf people LOVE LOVE LOVE IOS Device they hold it life on body. i had page for door, clock, phone, also iPhone, I hate hate hate multi device on my body.. I want ONE alone..

Linksys and Belkin

Interest about WeMo or other for deaf?


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I use WeMo too but it doesn't always ideniify the devices on my iPhone. They do firmware updates every so often, so hopefully they will fix the problem.

Evo Dragon

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnTntvdMlNk]Smarthome - Belkin WeMo App Setup - YouTube[/ame]
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYrkmZ5-bbQ]Belkin WeMo Switch and Motion Home Automation System for iOS hands-on - YouTube[/ame]