Wanting to learn more about Deaf culture


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Hello! I'm Haleigh J.! I am in an intercultural communication course, and my group and I are studying Deaf culture. Would you be comfortable with engaging with me and my group members? We would love to learn what Deaf culture means to you. I am sure you receive many messages on this chat for this reason. However, we are looking forward to this being a conversation, not just asking questions. We want to engage with you. As hearing individuals we know there are misconceptions and understandings that can go both ways. And, we hope to bridge those gaps. Thank you in advance for your time.


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Hello TSdent, I am I hearing individual but I am taking an ASL course that also teaches me about Deaf culture and history. My experience with the real Deaf experience is slim to none but I can still talk.

Nita Thomas

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There are groups on Facebook for hard if hearing and deaf to chat, those may help.you.

I find we are always fighting to be accepted by the hearing community. Some prefer to avoid us completely, others do not have patience to rephrase something we've misunderstood. My family and friends accept me, but as a parent my boys took advantage of my deafness for mischief, as adults they are good men now. All too often abuse is enabled because we cannot hear. Some of us may not mature as quickly as others because we miss so many verbal cues. society demands we conform rather than accepting us as we are. Most of us get comfortable within our own limitations and many do not wish to try to change with hearing aids or other mechanisms to improve our hearing abilities. We actually like the quiet without extra noise. It is a daily struggle!