WANTED: Digital Photo’s of Sign Language Recognition Events


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WANTED: Digital Photo’s of Sign Language Recognition Events for a WFD Congress Presentation.

Digital photos must be of high resolution either in Black and White or Colour (preferable less than 300kb in size). These can be celebration of official recognition of sign languages, marches for the official recognition of sign languages and any pictures relating to official recognition of sign languages.

The purpose of obtaining photos of sign language recognition events around the world is for the use during a keynote presentation ‘Without Sign Language – No Human Rights’ by Dr. Yerker Andersson and Kim Robinson at the 15th World Federation of Deaf Congress in Madrid, Spain during July 2007.

If you are happy to release these photos (photos must be from the original person who took the pictures, no unauthorised photos from other people without their permission will be accepted) to be displayed during the keynote speech at the Congress, then please email them to Kim at rockland@ihug.co.nz by 31st May 2007.

Please include details of the event, date, location and photographers name. We encourage different countries to send in their pictures to us.

Kim Robinson

Yerker Andersson