Want to learn ASL

Hi, I'm hearing but I'd really like to learn ASL and about the deaf community. If anyone would like to help me or please comment!

Moonlit Rosettes

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You can try looking for a deaf school near your area that may offer classes that are less expensive or more accessible than college classes. There are also some good apps out there with vocabulary and such, but I haven’t found any that go into the details of how the grammar works. I think it’s awesome that you’re wanting to learn, but also be aware that (as with any language) ASL and the Deaf community come with a rich history that needs to be respected. Be careful not to take ASL or the Deaf community for granted when you embark on the journey of learning this new language. Good luck!!


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I’m also new to this forum and also learning ASL. There are very few resources here in Central Florida. I have discovered a wonderful web site for learning. It’s www.aslu.com and its taught by Dr. Bill Vickers. He also teaches about Deaf culture. As a new guy, I’m very afraid of inadvertently saying or doing something disrespectful, so the lessons on culture are great. There’s also a lot of good YouTube videos.