VATRP survey


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Couldn't decide where to put this...
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated or work with the VATRP team.

They are looking for feedback on communication methods, how we use it, what we like or dislike etc. The questions cover a lot; the survey is for people who use VRS, IPRelay or Caption phones; those who are deaf, hard of hearing, hearing, have a hearing loss, deaf-blind, hearing loss & vision loss (I put down Deaf/vision loss- there's a free form text field on a few questions).

The survey runs until August 3, 2015 11:59 PM.

Here is the text to the video on the home page (presentation is in ASL and text format)
Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) has revolutionized our community. As a deaf person with low vision, I have benefitted greatly from relay services, as I’m sure you have too.

But…the VATRP team needs YOUR help. Why?

Like you, we have also experienced, for example, interoperability issues between different apps developed by different relay providers.

So, the FCC has empowered us to work together to develop a standard app that all apps from different VRS, IP Relay and IP-Captioned Telephone Services (IP-CTS) providers must follow. This survey is focused on how the app should be designed and what it should look like.

Please take the brief survey, which will be anonymous. Your input will help shape the efforts and make sure they fit the various needs of our community with its diverse communication needs.

Thank you…for making a positive impact on the future of our community.


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To take this survey you:
1.must be an adult (18 years or older)
2.must be deaf, hard of hearing, or have another form of hearing loss
3.must use video relay services; and
4.​must have access to the Internet in order to complete the survey

See number 4? Darn it. I don't have one!!