Using Speech to text apps


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Curious if anyone uses speech to text apps when going out and having to talk to hearing people? I lost my hearing about two years ago and since then I don't go out any more. I'm scared someone will talk to me and I won't understand. I've recently found this speech to text app. and wondered if anyone uses apps like this to communicate with hearing people and what are the hearing people's reactions? I've never came out and told someone I cannot hear. Thanks


To me it seems easier to just have a notepad and write back and forth. Or type on the phone. Speech-to-text apps are best if they are trained to your voice, and can be correct enough, but I just wouldn’t rely on them if meeting random people.

Don’t be afraid of going out and meeting people. If you are friendly and patient with them and explain you cannot hear what they say, most people should respect that. You are not alone, so do meet others who are HoH or deaf and learn what strategies work.


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Thanks. I didn't know the speech-to-text app needed training. I thought that I'd just hold it in front of the person and it would work. It seems less of a chore for a hearing person then them texting me. I could get a small notepad and pen and start to carry it. That would work even if my phone doesn't. Thanks again.


I use speech to text apps to know what people say when they send me voice messages on whatsapp. it could get funny... and tricky.


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One major downside of Speech to text apps is that each person needs to have the app to use it at its best.


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I use MyEar and EyeHear, and they work pretty well most of the time, though sometimes they don’t pick up certain voices.