Update of my disappearance! :)


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Yeah.. I was disappear like EyesBlueDeaf said..

Just taking break from chaos on forums..
Focus my family..
Yes, its been crazy since a year..
my man was sent to hospital that he have diabetic -type1 and type2..
Kids' school didnt go well (minnesota school system are really :thumbd: )
and cost living in there hurting us too..
my own family decided to turn back on us.. So I decided to move on where are the happiness.. and family support system in west va.

so finally we found house in west va last mid-may this year.. and moved in first week of June.. we are very happy already..
Allen's asthma.. he hasnt take meds since we moved.. hes very active.. older kids met friends and cousins, are still having blast time.. their school will start on August 26th.. very strict school have dress code.. for girls.. no low cut, no belly or butt bare showing, no dress above their knee.. for boys, pull their pants up, no butt cracking show, no logo on t-shirt.. only bold color t-shirt.. respect teachers.. kids will get denetion very easy if talking back or warned 2 times.. etc.. requires pledge the flag before school start in mornings. and bible allow in classes :) that what i love about..

I took older girls Amy and mallory to fashion show week last week.. cuz they were UPset about the clothing.. they met few friends that will go same school, i was so awe.. those friends show positive to my girls and show what to wear.. etc.. looks like 80's fashions are back.. polo and preppy.. but nice sytlish tho.. now my girls are happy. been dramatic change around here...

for me... I was fighting with my stress .. get harder on my heart.. now its been relaxing.. i have been having kids less days lately since we moved here.. really enjoy but.. something came up new.. I have vertigo.. it made me really sick in my tummy like naseua.. I vomit.. room spinning.. ring in my ear.. went to ER and had meds.. still not working much.. its really sucks to have vertigo..

i have been reading some of your posts/threads.. glad that you guys are doing good..


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Welcome baaaaccck!! Surely miss you so much!!

Congrats with your moving and things are well with your kids. Sorry that you are sick!! Get well my friend :hug:


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welcome back, annie! hugs.... glad to see u are ok and settled in new home in new state with support of the family... home is where heart is.... smile...

sorry to hear that u have been sick... stress can do that to u need to learn to relax.. ok.. no cure for Meniere's Disease I would know and I have been seen by the dr for a year for that.. I have a check up coming up on Aug 9th... You need to go to Hear, Nose and mouth Specialist like i do.. They are specifically for that area and do balance tests etc.. also i like to meniton sometimes salt can cause that.. so u need to less salt.. see maybe help you?? never know... so try that, ok.... Good luck! Hugs...


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Aww thanks for warm welcome!!! yeah I sorely miss you all!

That's what I am going to make new thread about vertigo.. or something like that.. to see what their way or ideas.

I tried few things.. or want new things without taking meds.. my meds just gone and no refill.. i have to see regular dr or ENT.. i dont have medical insurance yet.. (just move) hehe..



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Welcome back. I am sorry to hear about your vertigo, but hopefully the meds will work soon. Everything else sounds like it is going well. Glad to hear that you are happy with your changes.


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There's more about me..

Its hard to talk about things that you give up or scarficate..

You know I have dogs.. Rocky my beloved dog.. before we moved to west va.. he start to aggresative and attack other dog.. but great to us.. we found out that our new home not allow pets.. was thinking good for us and Rocky to place him new home.. and Molly too.. they both already adopted within a week.. which we are happy but I am still fighitng the sadness.. cuz Rocky is only the best dog i ever had..

Also, I finally cold turkey my long nasty habit smoking of almost 30 years.. Last march after our beloved friend next door Kim.. passed away March 1st.. from pneumonia.. (she made choice for not get herself better that she keep on smoking and nto taking care herself..).. but she is very sorely missed from alot people. shes great person.. one week after her death. I got nasty colds and got sick.. had brochistic.. my coughs was so terrible.. our kids were so WORRIED.. said.. you sound like Kim.. it scared me (I mean SCARED) i ran to see my dr and begged him what to do.. and told him I didnt smoke for a day and 1/2.. its so hard.. he gave me antibotic and inhaler (low dosage) .. he said, just use inhaler when you need for smoke . take puff.. i was like WTH!!! haha.. it works.. my lungs were hurting and tight.. want to smoke .. couple weeks later.. I lost my voice.. couldnt talk for almost less a month.. (April '07) ... went through difficulties with the family issues and stress.. then finally moved to west va.. I was surprised all those days and weeks and months.. i havent smoke or tempted to have one.. no crave.. WOW.. i was so amazed.. but its hard because its not same.. I find this weird.. when i was smoking.. I have no problem walking on hills or stairs.. but now.. its so hard.. to talking stairs or hills.. but i work on it take little slow .. and try to excersie everyday and decided to join excerise class in around August or Sept when the kids start school.. cuz I gained pretty much after i stopped smoking..

but look at myself. I feel so weird.. i gave up drugs.. been clean from it for long time.. and gave up drinking problems (but drinking occasion without tempt to be drunk).. struggle so hard to stop smoking.. now.. i am free from bad habits.. now bad habits are food!!!.. lol jk.. as long you are eatting good food..

I dont care if people said such things about me.. but.. its YOU.. you make choice.. which are good for your life and living.. if people making judge.. thats THEIR problem.. not YOURS.. :)

I am setting good sample to my kids.. I know its too late but its NOT too late.. for example.. kids said.. you USED to drink.. you USED to be drugs .. you USED to smoking .. so why not I want this or want be the one..
I told them.. I made mistakes but I learn to stop and live happily.. but for smoking.. they know its HARD to stop smoking.. they went through my frustrations, even they tried to help.. :)

well i think thats for now! :)


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First of all, welcome back ! :hug:

Aww, I am so glad your kids help you thru your troubles/ordeals. I know it's very hard - I've been smokin' for a long time before. I quit smokin' in 2004. I feel great after quit smokin'. Taste better and even smell, too. :lol:

Anyhow, you mentioned about your " vertigo " - I still have that vertigo for over 20 years since my last baby daughter was born. A few friends of mine insisted me to see a special doctor for my " veritgo " problem and said the best doctor for this kind of situation would be in Omaha, Nebreska.

So, I went there ( boy, it is really a long trip from where I live. :lol: ) and see that doctor who will help me about my situation. He told me it was caused from my eardrums - little flaky thing was flyin' around inside my eardrums and it touched the nerves to cause " vertigo ". He said he would send me to a therapy to help gettin' rid of it...IF, it is not successed, then he would send me to the hospital to clean out thru my eardrums. FYI, I never went to therapy. I accepted to go through it until the day I die. Every night when I go to bed, it began to surface and I had to shake my head off to subside it before I could lay down to sleep. It feels like my head is spinnin' and pullin' my soul out of my body while at the same time I pull it back in. Weird !

I am glad you are doin' well and alive! It's good to see you back. :D


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Welcome back MsGiglz! Long time no see! Glad you are doing wonderful and happy :)


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I'm happy to see you back. Sorry about your vertigo. I know it can mess up a lot of things and ability to accomplish things. Its good to hear you quit smoking, thats awsome! Good luck with every thing.


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Welcome back here, MsGiglz.. been a long time since we all saw ya posting in here eh... do take care and ya will be fine as well...


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Hey, MsGiglz --

It's great to know that you're still around and kicking. Welcome back to AD. It sounds like you got your life in order to make it better which is wonderful!

How did you like it over there in West Virginia? I'm sure it was quite different than what you have seen in Minnesota. :)

It's good to see you around.


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Welcome Back, Annie. It's really great to see you around and enjoy to have you around... :thumb: :hug:

It's great to know that you postive your life..


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Welcome back and hope you'll continue to enjoy your stay here in AD! Sorry to see that you've gone through some rough times and I'm sure things overall will just get better, however, looks like you, your children are happier at a new place...and each one of you will be fine as the days go by-- ;)

Hang in there! :)