Unique kitten joplin/springfield mo (great for even families and they are gorgeous)


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We have 1/2 bangel/hybrid kittens, $75. One looks like a leopard, two marble swirl, and one long hairs that looks kind like a lynx (which that one I have fell in love with so I am need a good offer to part with lol.

They have enough bangel in them to be considered bangel, but we lost our cats paper work in a tornado. So they don't have paper work. They kittens usually go for 400- $1000 however we are selling ours for $75. If you want us to bring them to you, we may charge for gas.

Will work with someone on price, my biggest concern is they have a good home where they will be loved. We have a Kid so they are used to kids, they all have the white eyeliner look, they love to cuddle and chill on the shoulder, they will probably be an inch taller than a house cat (measuring while they are on all 4s), as we weaned them to food we used cat formula and fancy feast to make sure they are healthy. The momma cat is very lean and the bangel is muscle.

With our bangel he was very spunky? When we ate, he wanted to eat. If we used a spoon so would he, no joke he wouldn't eat without a spoon for 2 months and he held it himself.
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Please never label them part bengals. They have no bengal blood one can tell the difference between the real deal and any 75% bengal has no where near this type of fur or head structures. I know because I see tons of them and own a pureblooded Bengal. Nor is the lynx one near a lynx point. They are labeled DSH/ silver tabbies .beautiful tabbies regardless! Silver tabby/DSH would be more appropriate