U.S. government should stop using the word 'retarded'


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May 28, 2006
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Down here people still use the word "retard". We even have an association that still calls them "retarded" - The Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC). I was surprised when I moved down here and heard about the ARC and that it still has the word "retarded" in their organization name. Well this is the south so....BUT I really think they should change the word to something else, maybe developmentally disabled? Something more respectful? I don't know. Back where I used to live (Minnesota and Wisconsin) I had never heard of such a organization that used the name "retarded" in their organization names. Back in Wisconsin we had "Independence First" and "The Center for Independence" and we had Goodwill as well and stuff like that. When I moved down here I was a bit shocked to hear of ARC. But ARC is a good organization though - they do help a lot of people with all kinds of mental disabilities, development disabilities (not sure which term I should really use) and other such disabilities and it is a very nice organization. I've gone to their banquets to support the organization. I just think they should change the organization name though. But it is a good organization though...they help them out a lot, teaching them life skills and helping them get jobs and gaining independence living skills as much as possible. I've seen so many of them have their own apartments, have jobs, even ride the buses on their own everywhere. They can actually surprise you with what they can actually do when the doctors says they will never be able to do this and that when they were diagnosed at birth or after accidents or whatnot. They've proven the doctors wrong many times.