Turn your website into Android App


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Thanks for the information, I was looking for something like this for a while. Recently, I have discovered my new passion which is creating sites. It started as a simple task because I wanted to make a website that will promote the charity. This article https://www.boxmode.com/nonprofit-website-builder gave me this idea and I liked it so much that I have finished the site in a couple of days. And now I am looking for some projects which also need a site and I am thinking to convert them into an app.


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Interesting topic and I decided to add my two cents. I've been working on Shopify for several years. It is a great side hustle for me. But we all know how important to move with the times, especially when it comes to business. I noticed that more and more companies/services create mobile applications. Having surfed the Internet, it turned out that I can use Pocketfied https://pocketfied.com/. This app builder is easy to use, so I made an app within three hours. It is synced to my online store and automatically updates my inventory. It is very convenient.


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I plan to start my own business. Does every business need a website?

Nowadays almost all businesses have their own website. In addition to being an essential marketing tool, a website is also a communication tool that allows the company to exist on the internet and reach more customers.