Trying to get a second CI


First, I’m Deaf an not ashamed of that. I’ve ha a right CI for 5 years and have done wonderfully. I’m trying to go to medical school and since I still have significant difficulty understanding speech (despite wonderful booth tests) I have wanted to get a second CI.
I saw a new Audi in my home town who was terrible. She literally said that I head too well with one CI to benefit from another and told her student to “never expect to see another patient like this again”.
She tried to make me wear a hearing aid on my unimplanted ear which hasn’t had a hearing aid since a few weeks after my first implant was activated because the hearing aid just provided noise.
The hearing aid the audiologist made me try was just noise but she said it was because my hearing was perfect in the unimplanted ear (this was after that ear failed OAEs and acoustic reflexes (again)) so this audiologist was crazy, ignored the objective audiology tests AND the unaided and aided BOOTH tests all of which showed profound hearing loss.
Since she is the gatekeeper you getting a CI in my city, I’m looking elsewhere. Probably with the surgeon who did my first implant because that surgeon approved both ears for CIs.
But I wish there was a way to report awful audiologists. This woman is approving people with high frequency hearing loss in one ear but won’t approve me (at our first meeting she said I was VERY smart and at the second meeting I was somehow both an idiot and very smart. Her audiology student was in the testing booth with me and flinched at each sound. I reacted even though I didn’t hear the sound. A person twitching violently every few minutes and me looking at her doesn’t mean I heard the sound.
Also, why the flip don’t audiologists learn ASL? When I felt a sound in my chest, I signed “I feel it” and spoke that too. She marked that as “heard sound”. But I DIDNT hear a sound, my chest vibrates and I felt the sound.