Trouble with BAHA magnet sticking, husband is very discouraged


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My husband is 21 and has had SSD since he was a child. He has an ENT and he is completely deaf on his left side. The ENT had him try a baha on a headband and it worked well, it was an emotional appointment. In August (about 2 months ago) he got the surgery for a magnetic baha implant.

When we went to his follow up "fitting" app and the magnet barely stuck to his head, even the strongest one. It couldn't support the weight of the device. We were allowed to take it home to continue wearing the magnet in hopes it would "flatten the skin." It was a huge battle getting this covered by insurance and the recovery was hard for him, for it not to work is just devastating. He has messed with it at home a bit and even when hes holding it on it doesnt work in that spot. He wants to just ask for the sound arch and wear that instead, but we dont know how to get it. Has anyone experienced anything like this? He is feeling quite lonely in this experience and we would love to hear any similar experiences. Thank you so much


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That's disappointing that the procedure wasn't more successful for him. I don't know a lot about BAHAs. Not many have posted here about having one. I thought they used a metal post but with some research I see they have changed to work with magnets like a ci.

You might have better luck finding answers if you check out forums for people with acoustic neuromas. His cause is different but apparently many with AN have a Baha so they might be able to help you. I saw one post on one of the forums where after the magnet didn't work she was able to have the surgery redone using the post and that worked better.


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does the person that did the fitting have a contact? that is who usually would. also the maker of your device might have a webstore where things can be purchased. usually by credit card.