Tribute to my wife...


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This woman is everything to me. I'm embarrased to say that she's wife number three, but some believe that "third time's a charm". Anyway, she's my whole life and my whole life revolves around her. She's taught me a lot, does a lot for me, and makes me the happiest man in the world.

I love you, Misty.


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The number does not matter. What matters is you have found true love. I am fortunate to be married to my best friend for almost 25 years. Even with me going deaf suddenly last year, our communication just gets better and better. I feel blessed each and every day!! Good luck to the both of you!!!!


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Aww, this is a nice thread. My dh and I celebrate our 50th anniversary in a couple of weeks. We're going away to an Inn in VT for a romantic weekend.


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My husband is my third and im his first. We've been friends over 20 years before we married. So sweet your posting! I know how you feel. My hubby is amazing! :D