Transitioning Individuals--it's Confusing


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Jun 8, 2004
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Voters will see a transgender candidate run for the S.C. Statehouse next week

COLUMBIA — Dewon Huggins is a 22-year-old native of the tiny pine forest crossroads town of Bucksport who said her desire to serve in public office compelled her to run against a five-term incumbent for the S.C. House of Representatives.

She is not the first 20-something to seek a seat in the Legislature. But as far as she can tell, she is the first openly transgender candidate to do so.

The transition is new for Huggins, a former College of Charleston student. She still at times presents herself as a man because “it takes a lot of work” to appear as a woman and it makes some people she cares about uncomfortable. She also is still learning the parameters of transgender identity.

Huggins cited Caitlyn Jenner’s public transition and positive reception as a source of strength to come out, but she still uses male pronouns when she talks about the Olympic medalist formerly known as Bruce. Members of the transgender community typically ask people to use pronouns that align with their gender identity. . .

Huggins has a split opinion on the issue, understanding why some girls might be uncomfortable with seeing someone who identifies as a girl in the showers, but has male genitals, and vice versa. She said transgender students should be provided private facilities, but it shouldn’t be an issue for adults. . .

“I’ve not seen any advertisements or heard anything,” Anderson said of Huggins’ campaign. “It’s apparent that he got into a race where it’s evident he doesn’t know what to do....”

Sometimes Dewon dresses like a man and uses male pronouns. It's confusing. Sometimes Dewon is male, sometimes female?


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Jan 11, 2014
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Sounds more like Dewon is 'gender fluid' while transitioning (whether fully or partly I wouldn't know).

Interesting that Dewon is running but how they referred to Jenner will piss off some trans people (even though many do not like Jenner at all).

What surprised me more is that it's happening in SC- lovely state but not known for friendliness to LGBT (that I know of).


Jun 3, 2016
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My (admittedly limited) understanding of gender fluidity is that it's a lifelong experience more than a transitional experience. In Dewon's case I think it's just that she's not entirely comfortable with how 'out' she is and that accounts for the back-and-forth.

It's cool that she's running in SC but like the incumbent said, he doesn't sound like she's all that sure what she'd do if actually voted in. Being interested is great-- not having a platform is not.