transition to kindergarten meeting -- help


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rivenoaks, and all the hearing parents who post and lurk....THIS is why those of us who are dhh reccomend pursuing the Deaf Ed option (meaning anything from deaf school, to self contained classroom to magnet program) as much as possible. It's not only an awesome op for the student, but it ALSO removes a lot of buerocratic headaches for the parents, meaning they don't have to deal with clueless general ed admins or even general sped admins, trying to get appropreate services and stuff for their kids.
There is a BIG reason why deaf schools and dhh programs have survived almost 40 years of mainstreaming, and why there are still new programs being founded (Rocky Mt Deaf School, Metro Deaf School and so on)'s b/c parents are so sick of dealing with CLUELESS admins and general special ed teachers.
Rivenoaks.........I wonder if a good idea might be to talk to someone who is on the School Comittee about establishing a "homebase"/magnet school for dhh kids in Tempe? It would provide an option for dhh kids. I do remember that sped services in Arizona are really crappy so you could maybe use that as a flashpoint.