Transferring daughter from CSDR to TSD-Austin-Opinions Please!


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Hello! my daughter is 12 going into 6th grade at California School for the Deaf-Riverside and my husband and I are taking her to tour thr TSD-Austin campus. Im soooo nervous!! Has anyone made the transfer and what was your experience like? Shes very talented with ART and computer graphic design. I just feel like in the long run, Austin may have more to offer her?? Thoughts? Opinions? TY! BTW She told us she wants to be around more artists.We searched for after school programs here. Nothing sparks her, until we found one in Austin and she gave me the biggest hug and is excited to tour this place lol. ty!!


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I had a couple Deaf classmates transferred from mainstream school in Houston to TSD-Austin back in the day. Hopefully someone out there who have knowledge about TSD can help you with their experience and thoughts. ;)

Btw welcome to AD! :)


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The arts are struggling in the most expensive state- California. Many art communities are shrinking due to financial issues. Plenty of famous art instructors who have done for game video and entertainment industries moved to LA from SF for affordable studio and classes. Over 12 years ago, I used to participate in art festivals all over Southern California and almost all of them are closed permanently because artists from statewide and worldwide have to fly there plus the hotels in California are expensive. The art community was huge and everything, but not anymore. In order to survive in California, you must have a master degree to teach art classes which I don't have. If you're a successful artist, you will be received grant. Everything is tight over there.

@ange26s We have so many art festivals in Austin, San Antonio and North Dallas areas. I am sure your daughter will be enjoying the art environment in Austin. I have heard of parents moving their kids to Austin from Florida and Utah. Keep in mind, their kids are in high school. All I know is that they love it. Stay cool in Austin. It's freaking hot and humid here right now. (I live in San Antonio.) Good Luck!


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I have no experience with TSD personally, but I have heard so many good things about it. I have friends who moved to Austin for that very reason.


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TY for the replies. She gave me a HUGE hug and thanked me & her dad for looking into Austin and moving if its best for her. We visit TSD in 2 weeks. Ive looked into after school art classes for her here, but no luck. I did find an after school program for young artist in Austin, so we're looking into it.