Today is the Happiest Day!!! :)


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Dana Knight: If you're happy and you know it, it must be June 20 | | The Indianapolis Star

If you're happy and you know it, it must be June 20

A You walked into work today and your computer froze up. Dagnabbit.
Then a co-worker got snippy with you. Whatever.

Get mad. Get angry. Throw a pencil against the wall. Because about 48 hours from now, you are going to be happy -- unbelievably happy. Why? Friday has been declared the happiest day of the year by Cliff Arnall, a researcher at the University of Cardiff's Center for Lifelong Learning

Yes. On June 20 you will waltz into work and smile gleefully at the notoriously crabby secretary and she will smile back and hand you a lollipop. Your boss will pat you on the back and praise your work.

Life is going to be good on Friday, a day when American workers allegedly will be happier than any other day in 2008.

Guffaw if you like. Turn your nose high in the air. Pass it off as academic hooey.

But Arnall used an equation that takes into account a variety of physical, emotional and stress factors to proclaim Friday as happy day. Here are the factors he considered:

» Outdoors. Being outside and involved in outdoor activity produces energy.

» Social interaction. Spending time with friends and loved ones stimulates pleasure zones in the brain.

» Memories. Childhood summers and positive memories add to the euphoria.

» Temperature. Warmer weather spikes happiness.

» Holidays. Can we say July Fourth? Barbecue, beer and relaxing in a lawn chair. Summer holidays and anticipation of time off give people positive outlooks.

Stress guru Kathleen Hall agrees. Happiness is a physical state of the brain.

"When we are happy, our brain produces neurochemicals that result in us wanting to eat, have sex or maybe sing," says Hall, an expert in work/life balance and chief executive of the Stress Institute.

So how does this relate to work?

Ask Chandra Palmer, who eats on the Circle every day in the summer. The outdoor part of the happy-day equation makes sense to her.

"It's just like a mini-vacation from work," she says. But does it make her happier? "Yes. Of course. I walk into work after lunch feeling like I haven't been there yet. It's a fresh start."

Jerry Smart says vacation time always makes the summer go by "happier."

"Knowing that you have a week's vacation in Myrtle Beach, like I do each year with my family, makes the other days go by with me smiling," he says.

But what about June 20? A specific day being happier than any other?

"That is a little far-fetched, but I get what they're saying," he says. "If you're going to be happy, June seems like a good time to be it."

No wonder I am HAPPY today cuz its Friday?? LOL :)

Happy Day to all of you!!! :)