Thursday 'Pub quiz' Round 4 .


Round 4 is a Star Wars movie knowledge

l; which actor played the role of chewbacca?
2, what year was the first star wars movie released ?
3. what was Darth Vader's birth name?
4.. Phantom Menace was also a character in which early sci-fi comic.?
5. who created Star Wars ?
6. how old was Yoda when he died.?
7.what species is Jabba ?
8; Who is known as the chosen one ?
9. what is the space Station of the Empire called.
10; who played the first Hans Solo ?


Oh Paris!, Star wars is oddly enough one sci-fi movie series I never got into, I can honestly say I've never watched a whole Star Wars movie.

The odd thing is, I am a sci-fi fan, but Star Wars never held any real interest for me,
so I'd have to Google every question & that would be pointless & cheating

So for fun, I'm gonna totally guess, if I get every one wrong, don't laugh!.:rofl:

1: -------
2: 1977
3: -------
4: The Beano :D
5: George Lucas
6: 1000 yo
7: Gorilla :D
8: Yoda
9: The intergalactic
10: Harrison Ford

Boy do I need a beer!, cheers all!.:beer:


1. Peter Mayhew
3.Anakin Skywalker
4.Flash Gorden
5.George Lucas
9; The Death Star
10.Harrison Ford.