This Thursday


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My wife will be 6 weeks pregnant!!!! We are both very very very excited.


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AWESOME!!! I am pregnant too! I will be 18 weeks on this Friday. So sound like ya having the little one in 2010! CONGRATS!!!


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Thank you everyone, this is our first baby and we are eventually going to find out what sex the baby is. we are hoping for a girl but what ever baby God gives us we will be grateful for. If it is a girl it will either be Abriel or Avery. if a boy it will be Zechariah


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Do you have any names lined up for a boy or girl? Or will you find out the sex of the baby when she can?

doesnt matter baby will be healthy till born but mostly first times or second,thrid and numerous times as parents know what names of baby till born but its secret but dont be rude to asked!!