This is amazing.. And kind of disturbing..


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WOW!...Very good looking boys...and so strong (upper body strength) and healthy!...Feel sure we will be seeing more of them on TV, they are destined to become famous.


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I... I.... don't understand 0:20-0:22....

They got good abs and control of their muscles. But those few seconds were the most disturbing.

And you can see their shoulders adjust when they pull them into the double jointed positions. :eek3::-o

At least they are doing something creative with their time, and not getting in trouble. I wish them the best of luck.
Wish I had that kind of strength.:applause:


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That reminded me of Flip Read (or something like that as I can't remember his exact name) who did similiar show at NTID in late 70's. His wife is CODA so he had her stand behind him and put her arms under his arms and interpreted what he said. He was a funny guy.