The Rut


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Really been stuck in a rut for a while. Haven't dated much, and when I do, I'm always too guarded. It's been weird being back in the single mode. At least when the kids were staying with me I was busy doing things with them and more chores.

Now it's like I have the time to do things I stopped doing, but it's kind of boring doing them alone. My friends are married with kids as well, so they don't really get much alone time. And going to the movies alone sucks, too.

I have gotten back into running and taking an ASL class, so I'm getting out and being active. But the days all just run together. I'm not very sure what to do to shake things up.

Ok, so there really wasn't much point to starting this thread, but give Frisky Feline something new to post in. So apologies for not sticking it in one of the 100 other threads it would fit in. At least I didn't ask for help with a survey.