The Nostalgia Thread


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I used to be fascinated with these "fancy" buttons when I was a little kid.

I still remember walking into the showroom to check this out when it first came out. Even at 9 years old, I knew more about this car than the salesman did, and he kicked me & my friend out for being annoying.



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Oh wow, I can't found a picture about FM system.

I wear 2 different FM system from same company - white device with brown holder (the school got those in 70's) and blue device (the newer in early 1990's).

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Power Rangers from Fox Kids
Oh, Foxrac! I used to love Power Rangers even though I had no idea what was going on but I just loved watching them transform and fight!


I remember trying to learn tricks on yo-yos and how amazed I was when the gameboy came out. Jenga was great too.


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Back then I was too young to know why I liked her, but man did I ever :naughty:

Ah crap that pic is tiny! The internets are hard!


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System 7 aka Mac OS 7

My first 68k Mac.

That was very several months before Apple released first Mac with PPC - that's only for high end and low end didn't get until 1995-1996.