The main character in my book is deaf. i want to be as accurate as possible.


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Hello, I'm an author and will soon begin to write a book in which the main character is deaf. I've already researched but I want to check in this page because you have to be careful when portraying things that if poorly written, could be offensive to many people.

So basically my character went deaf at 18 from bacterial meningitis. As a result of this illness, he acquired profound sensorineural hearing loss.

I'm still pretty young, I'm only 17 and you know teenagers can be wrong in many things, so if I ever say something that is incorrect or maybe even ignorant, you are welcome to correct my mistake.

What I'm hoping to get out of this community is more information to create my character accurately and respectfully, and even make new friends and maybe learn ASL, as it could come in handy in the future if I befriend someone who is deaf.


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Why do people write on topics they don't have first-hand experience about? Research alone isn't always enough. For example, I can't fathom writing about car racing because I know not anywhere near enough about it, or have personal experience. It would all be research. Anyways, there are are many other threads on this very topic that echo exactly what I've just said. No offense meant. Just what it is. Since the OP said he/she was 17, why not pick a topic closer to that age range?