The Lounge thread: Whatever you feel like......... Anything goes! Part XVIII


Brady lady
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Anyone seen my Zippo?

Do people still use them?

They used to be popular during a slow song for a concert back in the day.

When I went to see TSO people used their flashlight from their cell phone lol


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Well, it is a thread called "anything goes," so... I guess anyone can say anything here, within reason.

Alright, she is just open herself to stalkers, that's not going be my problem. :lol:

I just referred over multiple threads, not just this thread only, but I didn't realize about this thread's title, ouch.


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^^^ omg. Did she never go to school ??
Come to Da Lou and hang out on the Dark Side ( North or East ) and its a way of living. Gangs/drugs...Thug life !
If you've seen the movie Escape from New York with Kurt Russel, then you seen Downtown St Louis, it was filmed on 18th and Delmar where I worked with my dad in a Machine shop... Oh, they didn't have to do much but add the crashed plane to do the filming there.... lol we watched it from the shop windows on the second level, could see everything. 2 blocks down 18th at Washington was an old Greasy Spoon burger joint, they fixed up and called the White Knight, it is still there and operational (business boomed for them after that ) Check out the movie, the area is picking up now due to the popularity and most old abandoned warehouses are now being turned into Condos.
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