The Deaf Community - Research Paper

Jubilee Rose

New Member
Hey Guys!

So, I'm new here but would it be possible for me to ask you some questions?

I'm in an English class at my local college right now and our final essay is a research paper. The assignment is on subcultures (something not in the mainstream) and my job is to basically explain why certain cultures, like the Deaf community, are outside of the mainstream as well as their values and their beliefs.

I chose the Deaf culture as my topic since I have several connections and I enjoy learning about it more. However, since it's a research paper, I'll need quite a bit more primary research than I have physical access to.

Would you be willing to answer a few questions for me (if you feel like it)?

-What is your opinion on cochlear implants?
-What role does education play in your life?
-Do you participate in any art forms specific to the deaf?
-What do you think the overall values and beliefs are of this community?

Thank you! I really appreciate it!