The 10 Annoying Habits of Hearing People


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I was going to copy-and-paste the contents of the entire article in my first post, but there's a lot of graphics and photos that correlate to the story so that would have gotten lost. Hopefully people will just click the link and read the entire article for themselves.

But yeah, I could identify with that article too!


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I Liked it. I think I will make the appointment this summer to get my hearing checked since I have a very loud TV and say what all the time. It was on the list as annoying.


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I have to say I am quite guilty of #1 and #8 myself :)... This comment cracked me up, too, because I do this often:
"I have another one for you. Hearing people have the habit of going on a ‘sound hunt’ – they have an animalistic urge to find the source of a sound. They tend to get everyone involved and creep around the house with their ears scanning like sonars. As they get closer to the source, they move, scan, then move again, and scan, until they identify the source. The hunt always start with a “what is that dreadful noise” and end with “oh, it’s just the timer on the oven”; starts with an exaggeration and end with a disappointment. The only thing deaf people can do when it happens is wait patiently, or join in the fun!"

This was a good laugh :)!


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Um, I hate to protest or be anal/critical (I don't want to be next Balkan powder keg like Foxrac's gay thread lol), but... I found this venthole to be contradictory (somewhat).

#1: Uhm, isn't deaf culture also profane in rumors? This is the sole reason why I went to hearing AA meetings instead of backward deaf ones back in the states.

#2: We also correct hearies in signing...

#3: Don't know about you guys, but I can be very vague and subtle in real life.

#4: I had a deaf ex who sneezed like a train sound... and occasionally duck sound (quack) too depending on her mood. She'd told me later that she just wanted attention.

#5: umm... I recall too many f****** annoyed moments when deaf people look away and use phone for texting during the middle of conversations...

#7: i'm sure it'd be annoying to hearing people if we 'sing' in asl... Although I dont find singing bothersome. My bar girl friends actually wanted me to sing in karoke back in the states. No complaints :).

#8: Dunno. my sponsor told me a lot of stuff, including his dream about having sex with his mother... Good god. Then again, I dont tell much about my life story as well.

#10: This is more of psychological one- either mocking or commenting around deafies. Uhm, dont you also sign a little whenever you're around hearing so they also dont understand your mumbling gruesome?


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#7: i'm sure it'd be annoying to hearing people if we 'sing' in asl... Although I dont find singing bothersome. My bar girl friends actually wanted me to sing in karoke back in the states. No complaints :).
I'm not so sure about the "contradictory" part of his article (I am sure in some instances it can be- lots of life is contradictory though, when you think about it).

I just had to comment on your "rebuttal" to #7 because I actually LOVE to see songs signed! :) When the interpreter (or person singing/signing the song) is good it actually enhances the song, in my opinion. I went to an open house at FSDB a few months ago and the interpreter they had for the singing portion was phenomenal! She really got into it and it was almost like I could envision the thoughts and themes and emotions of the song better than just hearing the song! My husband (who doesn't get overly emotional or excited about things) was even blown away and said he wished that ALL concerts could have ASL interpreters! :) So, as a hearie, I am actually one that enjoys seeing songs signed!


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Soooo true! ^.^

But sometimes I act bit like a hearing person, I'm being too subtle because I think it's rude to say, "You look fat!" Lol! :lol:

#5- deaf people did that as well! Someone asked me about my incoming exams and I was answering but she gets distracted by someone else, I tried to get her attention like 10 times until she finally listened to me! :mad:


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So true! Numbers 3, 5, and 10 are particularly my favourite.

3. Being too subtle...don't even get me started with this one :jaw:
5. Looking away while communicating...that's just annoying :roll:
10. Shouting at us...that's just embarrassing :shock:

However, not all hearing people are annoying, in fact some are quite nice and accommodating! :laugh2: