Telecoil ear loop for 8 year old


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My daughter has bilateral hearing loss and has a Phonac hearing aid in each ear. She needs to be able to use earphones for homeschool but I'm not sure what to get.... Not that there are many options - I am in Ireland and the main supplier only has a 'single ear hook' by NoiZfree. They don't have anything for both ears. Does anyone know about these? Am I right in assuming that the single ear hook would only transmit the sound into one of her hearing aids or would it connect to both?

All new to me so apologies for being a bit clueless :confused::)


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Noizfree did have dual ear hooks, but it seems they have been discontinued, which is unfortunate.

There are also neckloops, which can be worn around the neck; just make sure the hearing aids are turn to Telecoil mode.

Have you considered something like a ComPilot from Phonak for the hearing aids? Can be worn around the neck, and can either use Bluetooth or a direct connect cable for streaming needs.


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You take me all the way back to the bad old days of the 70's where the State issued all of us children a loop which hung on our necks and is capable of forced teacher's voice into your hearing aids through telecoil (That is already in most for telephone etc) Thankfully we stopped doing that after a year. Keeping them charged was a big problem back then for dozens of kids all day.

Some of the children were just too deaf to take in enough understanding of speaking words to do well. So that was discarded.

Keep in mind the term Telecoil is a electronic coil in the hearing aid itself which strictly takes in signals from Telephone headset, cell phone etc. (*If the cell phone has a telecoil rating in addition to voice rating for the hard of hearing) and sometimes can pick up noises from mall store entry security coils (Hum etc) and other things in that type of radiation electronically. Its noise basically.

Blue tooth or wireless connecting is a bit fancy to me. However I can see where it might be possible to adjust a hearing aid frequency output to that of the human voice (Around 500, 1000 and 2000 hertz give or take at 40db) Pretty expensive where I live going as high as 6000 to 7000 dollars a pair.


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Thanks guys, didn't know if I'd get a response as I saw afterwards that some of the latest posts are pretty old!

No idea about neck loops are they any good? Are they also telecoil and would they work with Phonak?

I did see that the ComPilot is an option - although it is more than ten times the price so I may get it for her to use at home at some stage - but I was thinking the ear hooks would be better for her to bring to school as she would easily be able to plug it in to the pc there just like the other kids do with their standard earphones and it wouldn't be the end of the world if she lost or damaged it!
Fortunately, someone managed to locate a long lost dual hook set for me so I will get that and she can try it out...hopefully it won't be too bad!!

On the subject of picking up noises, my daughter was in the pharmacy one day and could hear what was going on in the bookies next door - is this normal?


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Neckloops use telecoil. Wouldn't know which brand is a good one though. I haven't used telecoil in years, due to having cochlear implants.

As for the bookies conversation, O_o wow


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This site has several neckloops. I have used the Bellman one.

As far as I know, all of the tcoil ones work with any HA that has a tcoil so you don't need a specific type based on your HA brand.


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Has she used t-coil before? If not, ask her audiologist if her HAs have t-coil and if it needs to be "turned on". With the smaller HAs, not all have the t-coil due to space limitations.