Teaching My Son And Myself


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I have a 5yo son and he's been very curious about the new things mommy's doing with her hands while talking recently. I've tried to teach him a few things like when I'm telling him to do something or asking him something... but I'm not sure if I'm teaching him properly so he'll actually retain the information. Just looking for tips on how to teach a young child effectively. We are both hearing by the way and both are quick learners. (which makes this momma proud of course :D )


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It is great that you are learning and he wants to learn too. I am teaching my 3 year old and 2 year old. Are you learning in a class or by your self. Because the first thing is to make sure you are learning correctly. Nothing against you or any other hearing or deaf/Hoh self taught people. But changing the signs to make them easy for little hands but changing it as their hands get bigger. Start with a few words and move on to more. Also teach words they use everyday like eat, hungry, potty, or mommy :)