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I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this topic, but here goes.

I was talking with some friends a short time ago and they brought up a teacher of theirs and asked if I could get some input. They are in an ASL class and the teacher is deaf. (I'd like to note here that I have never met this teacher, so everything that follows is from the students and not my experiences) Anyway, this teacher is apparently ..unfriendly...toward the hearing world. She grows angry when the students talk about music or anything that involves hearing. She actually "yelled" at one student who came into class wearing headphones. The class had not started yet and the girl simply walked in wearing them headphones. She was told to never bring them into the classroom again or she'd be dropped from the class.
I was shocked, because I've never encountered anything like that before. Anyway, the students wanted to know how they should handle it...


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I have heard of teachers like this. In fact, this is why I originally posted my question about the word "audism," since this teacher seems to be displayed the opposite -- discrimination against hearing.

Normally I would say to your friends to talk to the teacher about their concerns, but it seems like this might not be a good idea in this case. I'm not sure if going to the department chairperson would be going over her head but that is one thing they could do. This seems like a really touchy situation, hope it works out okay for everyone!


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Ethereal said:
She grows angry when the students talk about music or anything that involves hearing.

Ya know, I've known some very culturally Deaf people who absolutely adore music, played loud with the bass turned way up. (The way it is at the Deaf parties I've been to.) I haven't noticed that they've rejected their own culture in order to enjoy this music -- quite the opposite!


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That is a Deaf Militant for you. I will not mind going up to that teacher for you and tell her that she is turning away the hearing people away and then she is only supporting the GAP between the Deaf and Hearing world and that she is totally hypocritical since she is teaching to a hearing class!

But of course we live several states apart so I cannot "slap" her for you...

I dont know if you do have any deaf students in that class or... CODA or somebody that does know her (teacher's assistant??) and ask her/him how would you approach to the teacher. If there is nobody to ask, then try your best to approach the gentle way.
"Mrs. A, I know you are trying to teach us Deaf culture and stuff, but I feel that sometimes you came on too strong and harsh on some students and that frightened them away and gave them a bad steretypical idea of what other Deaf people are like..."

Or ask her (i will take this approach just to piss her off then let her realize that she went overboard) "Are everybody who are Deaf like you? That they will yell at us if we bring headphones, etc? Wow. Maybe I don't want to take ASL if Deaf people are so anti-Hearing... I am scared that I will hurt your feeling or other Deaf people like you. I dont want to flunk because I am just hearing, not Deaf."

I do know several teachers like that. One is the most hypocritical teacher of all-- He born hearing but he grew to become HoH... then eventually Deaf in his late adulthood... and he is teaching ASL... and he hates Hearing. "You hearing people just dont understand Deaf culture so i think you arewasting your time but I will TRY my best to give you a drop of what Deaf world is like but otherwise you have to be a CODA or deaf person to understand 100%"...
AND HE IS TEACHING "DEAF PRESPECTIVES!" yeesh! A former Hearing belittling other hearing peers? PUH-PLEASE.