tattoo related to the experience of hearing loss


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Hi guys,

I want to get a tattoo. I already know what i want, but there's one detail that i haven't been able to figure out yet. I want something that represent my hearing loss. Specifically, the feeling of being an outsider, that no matter where you go, you will never belong to anywhere. I have sought lots of images in google, but i haven't found the "one".

Any ideas?


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I have no ideas how to help but I have always wanted a tattoo to show my HoH pride

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Whether a tattoo could be a "hearing aid or Cochlear Implant" but how many persons would surmise that "it symbolizes being an outsider"?


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I've seen "out of order" tattooed on someone's ear.



hearing aids can make a heart when put together in the right postion, I considered getting that or a hearing aid tattoo on behind my ear (I've had 3 tattoos already, 2 of which were on my ribcage, so I can handle that pain pretty well)


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Tat version of the 'scream'a music bar notes spell deaf. Tat of ear to cheesy unless made up of tiny palsy patten,I would talk to tat artist the ones who tat hair on bald people


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Hey OP, I liked the way your thinking. Its pretty much like dealing with oppression with audism in mind.

I have tattoo that said "Since Birth, I am Deaf, so what?" with flying Eagle carrying the captioned banner.


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Do you want mark out as different are not part of world ordinary people diverse.have something artistic beauty tribal. Loud and proud,but yelling to the world look I different so what risk of arrogance or victim.
If had to have something be HA look like hearts it says something without being abrasive.
Something like this you must figure out but ask decent tat artist