Sympathy to the Ballweg family


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This month Darrell Ballwegg was shot and killed in front of his wife. He and his wife are deaf. They have apparently helped a lot of people, and one of the people they were trying to help lost his temper in an argument and shot Darrell.

Madison Police Arrest Homicide Suspect - Madison News Story - WISC Madison

There's a news story and a video at the second link. the video doesn't seem to have closed captioning, but part way through there is an interview with a deaf friend of the family, and there's an interpreter. The link keeps locking up on me half way through so I can't tell if they let you see the signing all the way through or not.


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That's a very sad story. Such a senseless killing. :(

The deaf man being interviewed does sign throughout his interview.

The text story is pretty much a transcript of the audio portion. In fact, the text story is more up-to-date because it includes the arrest information.

It's interesting to watch the deaf interview except news cameramen now like to film so close up that they cut off part of the signing space. I wish they'd stop that so we could get a better view.