Super Nanny has picked a deaf couple


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aww.. they are lucky to be chosen..
that will be nice if I am one of those deaf couple to be chosen too..
now I have 4 teens.. and 2 under 5..
teens influenced on little ones alot.. so been hard and struggle..
all i have the faith :)


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It's true - I do know Dorothy, and I know she is very excited about this opportunity. I will be looking for her segment this coming fall!!!


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Honestly, I think we should all brace ourselves. Super Nanny sometimes put the parents in a bad light. I remember seeing one clip on YouTube, a mother was lamented for making her son take in liquid soap for cursing. Liquid soap can be harmful and toxic to children. Well, even soap bars can be harmful with the chemicals they put in them these days.

I just hope it will be a positive experience for the deaf family.


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I've watched Super Nanny from time to time, That is if I have a chance to do so.

It should be interesting to see the episode coming up in the fall. I'd like to see how Jo-Jo works with the deaf parents and working with having an interpreter in the picture as well.

Thanks for sharing this information with us all.


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That's gonna be interesting. I'll look forward to watch Super Nanny when it shows in Australia. Will have to find out when this deaf family show will comes out probably next year I guess.

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Something tells me Super Nanny isn't going to be able to handle a pure deaf family. They'll have to act it out according to the producer/director/editor. Now that I think about it, most of it probably is an act. For some reason Jerry Springer comes to mind.