Subtle Audism?


Let me first say that I'm hearing.

This one older woman that works with me asked about my fiancé, who is Deaf. I remembered her from the work party a few weeks ago. She had talked about her grandson that has apraxia of speech.

Anywho, she asked about my fiancé and I said he was fine, then she got into her grandson. She and her family thought he was deaf because he wasn’t responding to sound during his first year, and the pediatrician didn’t seem concerned at all. The part that got me was this: She said she prayed and prayed “don’t let him be deaf, life is tough as it is” and after his christening, he could hear.

He apparently learned some sign when he was little (he didn’t talk until he was 3), but he doesn’t remember any sign. He talks now and sometimes it’s hard for him to get words out. (Example: he was trying to say “island” and she couldn’t understand him and he had to write it down). I suggested he learn sign because it’s a 2nd language and could help when he can’t be understood through speech alone. Not sure if they’ll go for it or if she said “yeah” to be nice.

It bothered me how she expressed how RELIEVED she was when she found out her grandson wasn't deaf, and how she felt that praying to god made him hear. I'm not sure why she told me his story. Did she want me to be happy that he was deaf and then could hear?

Am I right to be offended?


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Why be offended? Apraxia of speech is a tough diagnosis. Far worse than deaf.

She just seems very uninformed.