Stay at Home Order

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Orlando, Florida effect April 13, 2020. All people must wear masks or they’ll get $500 fines or up to 60 days in jail. It sucks


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San Antonio announces it's a mandatory to wear any type of mask. Still awaiting for my sister in law's test results if she is positive. She seems fine. I want to take antibody test if I had COVID-19 last December. The flu was so awful. Took me two months to get better.


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Walking my doggie "JuniorBoy" on longer walks. He's the 1st male doggie I've ever Pomeranian passed away in August, TV...keeping in touch with my family....extra and deep cleaning that I've put off...did some redecorating my apartment too....Getting rid of some things I really don't need and putting a sign out "Free"....always something to do!
if you live in an area under a “Stay at Home order, what have you been doing? I have been (1) reading, (2) watching Netflix (especially NCIS), and (3) cleaning my room.

I have been doing a lot of reading on my tablet. At night times just before bed, I turn on the TV to see what has CC shows. I live in Finland.

As an author I considered writing again, but thought better of it. I have no drive at the moment to do so.


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I had been home since march 13.. no I am not working at the moment cvs decided to put me on leave of absence now i found out it's extended till may 31.. I was like great but I'm graduating from college with computer application level 1 :) yeah from san jose city college I never thought I'll see the day it had been 6 years for me to struggle since they keep changing what i need to take and and I'm glad it's over but I might continue with school if covid-19 and lockdown not done by the time school starts in august will see about that.. anyway hope you all are staying safe :)


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When the lockdown began, it was pretty hard for me to be at home all the time. So, I found a remote job, I didn't earn much, but I was busy and had an additional income. Also, I started playing games much more and even bought Playstation (having looked through the reviews, I decided to choose exactly this gaming console). And I finally found time to improve my cooking skills. I should say, my family was happy because they didn't need to cook at that time :)


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We did not have those kinds of orders.

There were say, bowling alleys closed and things like that for half a year, however the people here in Arkansas are a free people and pretty much took our chances. We do remember that early in the beginning last year many people from out of locked down states came to fill and overflow our state parks. Well we had to throw them out and close those entirely. Then we closed the hotels to out of state people except truckers etc.

However other than minor changes in hours and a partial loss of time waiting on lines for shopping of food etc we simply changed away from say Walmart to other independant groceries who did not control entry and exit regardless of cost losses (More expensive food prices)

Finally late last year the people tossed their masks anywhere. The rest masked if they needed to (Caregivers etc) but were left alone. About half did not take vaccines for a variety of very good reasons for the first three. There is a plant (Tobacco most likely) based vax being grown but will take a year, and there are no objections to that one. However strains change and mutate so there is no point.

Most of us who were healthy just took our chances and rode it. Then recovered. I think my county was 90,000, we had 8000 covid cases, about 118 deaths mostly nursing homes (We lost 20+ in my town specifically the first 6 months in that nursing home out of I think 60) and many were already one foot in the grave anyway. So it would be a few hundred in the hospitals around the state daily. Now we dont have too many. Hardly any.

Governor tossed the mask order last month and so forth. Frankly this whole covid thing is over with. We as a people here are aware of it, but we take our chances, live freely and cannot be bothered to be in a bunker in fear. If that makes us disobedient so be it. Fairly recently the stores pretty much reopened and some wear masks but frankly its not a problem anymore. Go do what you need to do.

However. if you did test positive then you fall under the control of the state's Medical. They will order you to be isolated and so on. Most people simply take the hit be sick at home and keep on going. Rather than go to the Hospital and then be isolated from everything. If they die they die so be it. Everything has a beginning and a ending in life. Not all of us gets tomorrow.

When I think about the last 14 months nothing really changed unless you went to see a doctor or had surgery etc like I did. (Was blind last summer, new lenses took care of that. Protestors for BLM etc cost me 6 weeks wait until the violence died down) and ex told the fed court house we do not go to Jury duty for a variety of reasons and the protest and violence was a risk that was unacceptable. So they excused us. Certain special orders takes longer and costs more, but you pay it and wait. That causes everyone to spend the money and get it moved to deliver.

So all in all it was a quiet year. Not a problem really. The biggest problem was mills and trucking for stores. IF you were trying to buy toilet paper in a dollar store, you only got one truck per week if you had one. So we had a years worth on hand before the end of that first signs of covid in china. We were a year ahead on food (Rice and so on) we had been years ahead already on everything else. So... the empty shelves and desperate people in the stores were a minor hassle for us. You did not advertise what you had at home. So it all worked out that time. But America is not something you can just close up. And here we are we actually closed down. Thats out of fear and so on. Its not worth it. Better to have just keep on going as normal and half the things you had missing would not have been.
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Although not under a stay at home order, when movement restrictions were in place & many places were closed, I just went crazy & ended up spending most of my time in my garden, I've never spend so much time gardening.

I have quite a large garden with tree lined borders, 2 trees being pretty much dead for over 3 years, I finally got around cutting them down with a bow saw, I prefer manual rather then use chainsaws or any type of machinery, feels more of an achievement using hands rather than machines.

Now the best part, mowing the lawn & then a beer to finish off a perfect day.:beer:


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In our time we spent some time raising food items in our land. Onions, Peppers, Tomatos and the like. The corn failed due to bad soil conditions. SO we raised other things each year. Sometimes we overflowed in it and give it to the neighbors in addition to chopping trees for firewood to certain families each winter. Keep them alive until spring because they have nothing else.

That was then. I am not much of a garden person, however I am influenced in certain herbs and food items that are relatively idiot proof to grow. Just need to add Ladybugs now and then and find a few praying mantis to help out along with the birds. We are actually strawberry country and used to ship railcars of the stuff annually until about the 50's to the Nation. We still have a few strawberry farms around. There are certain pests that require the bugs mentioned to fight. So its a form of warfare to protect the growing food.

However, this year we plan a trip up towards Heber to a small Amish store that contains local food items such as honey from worker bees and some garden stuff etc this time of year its pretty good. You can get a few things there that you cannot get in trucking or grocery stores. (In season)

That was probably the one thing I missed alot from my days running around the USA, all the different foods and people.


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Stay Home Order had been lifted since January although some restrictions still apply to this day.


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The locked down stay at home etc did nothing.

Might as well carry on and take your chances. You will get immunity or meet the angels and your ancestors. Life is not guaranteed. I'll be darned if I hide under a rock. Thats only for tornadoes.


Due to the pandemic, I work from and I really like it. I have more free time and I finally can hang out with friends or go shopping. Speaking about shopping, who has made purchases on the wish website? I need to contact wish customer service to figure some details about the shipping.
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We have two with covid infections now. They are under isolation orders.

What do they do? Run around outside doing whatever. So much for the Isolation. I expect the State to impose the Law to come arrest them for not obeying the order to isolate. We'll see where that goes with them.

We are probably going to end up having the same tired orders as we did the first time around last year. Masks, lock downs and so forth. I for one cannot be bothered to stress about it. Its about that time of the year where I find it very enjoyable to seek out other people and spend a little time with them socially as a human being. You cannot allow yourself to et lonely in life. Its not good for most. Im already living very quietly as if i was isolated enough having had surgery done last week. A nurse comes by to check on the work and see how I am doing. All of that will be over and done with in a few weeks.

However if the two neighbors refuse to obey their oders and make me and others sick the State might have to quarantine our whole building. Nothing in nothing out. I for one can do it. No problem. However think its preventable and unnecessary because we have two selfish people who are going to be making it very difficult for others sicker than they are (Those who use oxygen at night during sleeping)