Stay at Home Order

Evo Dragon

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Orlando, Florida effect April 13, 2020. All people must wear masks or they’ll get $500 fines or up to 60 days in jail. It sucks


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San Antonio announces it's a mandatory to wear any type of mask. Still awaiting for my sister in law's test results if she is positive. She seems fine. I want to take antibody test if I had COVID-19 last December. The flu was so awful. Took me two months to get better.


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Walking my doggie "JuniorBoy" on longer walks. He's the 1st male doggie I've ever Pomeranian passed away in August, TV...keeping in touch with my family....extra and deep cleaning that I've put off...did some redecorating my apartment too....Getting rid of some things I really don't need and putting a sign out "Free"....always something to do!


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if you live in an area under a “Stay at Home order, what have you been doing? I have been (1) reading, (2) watching Netflix (especially NCIS), and (3) cleaning my room.

I have been doing a lot of reading on my tablet. At night times just before bed, I turn on the TV to see what has CC shows. I live in Finland.

As an author I considered writing again, but thought better of it. I have no drive at the moment to do so.


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I had been home since march 13.. no I am not working at the moment cvs decided to put me on leave of absence now i found out it's extended till may 31.. I was like great but I'm graduating from college with computer application level 1 :) yeah from san jose city college I never thought I'll see the day it had been 6 years for me to struggle since they keep changing what i need to take and and I'm glad it's over but I might continue with school if covid-19 and lockdown not done by the time school starts in august will see about that.. anyway hope you all are staying safe :)