Spurs V.S. Nets in Finals!


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Who you going for and what is your predications?

Who I'm going for:Spurs

(If Dallas was in the Finals instead of Spurs, I would be going for the Nets)

My Predication: Spurs will sweep the Nets

What about you?


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I am very sure that Spur will defeat Nets easliy.

Parker show excellent young assits plus twin town aka Tim Duncan and David Robinson.

It's perfect end for David to win end happy ever.


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now is 3-2. Spurs are leadin.

so, I hope Nets will win!

Now, it will be at spurs' courts for 2 games. if nets win, for tie. 3-3, then last game will be at Spur. So, I have no idea who would win.