SprintVRS being discontinued

Because Sprint would have to abandon the "resale" business model it has used for years in providing VRS service and instead become a facilities-based provider of such services forcing it to expend resources that could be used to modernize its wireless network and expand the reach of its wireless broadband services, Sprint has decided to exit the VRS segment of the market

VRS users who have selected Sprint as their default VRS provider are being notified as of today that they will have to select another default VRS provider within the next 30 days.

Filing by Sprint Communications Company L.P. in 10-51 on 2011-12-05 00:00:00.0


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Recent regulatory changes imposed on the VRS industry by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has made it important for us to inform you about upcoming changes to Sprint Video Relay Services. After careful consideration, Sprint has decided to discontinue providing Sprint VRS to the general public for videophones, computers and mobile apps for wireless phones.

Important: You must port (transfer/move) your Sprint VRS local and toll-free 10 digit number(s) to another VRS provider by January 4, 2012. You may keep the same 10 digit number(s) by contacting a preferred VRS provider and their customer service department will assist in moving your 10 digit number. A list of VRS providers is available on the FCC website at http://www.fcc.gov/encyclopedia/trs-providers

After January 4, 2012, your VRS 10 digit number will not work with Sprint VRS. If you do not take any action to port the number, your number(s) will be ported to ZVRS by default.

We have appreciated providing you high quality VRS for the last 16 years and our Sprint VRS Customer Service is prepared to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Contact information: Video Phone: 800-656-0392 or help.sprintrelay.tv Fax: (877) 709-5784 Email: sprintvrshelp@sprint.com

VRS service will be discontinued for Sprint but Sprint Relay Store is still running. No more to use SprintVRS mobile.


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I'm glad Sprint decides to exit VRS business, so do AT&T becuase they violate FCC rules being white label. Since ZVRS, SprintVRS and AT&T are FCC Certificated.

if you not aware, check my complaint letter I send to FCC can be seen at:

Open Letter Complaint Against SprintVRS and ZVRS | myVRS Relay Central LLC Blog

It is important for everyone to share voices to FCC, the more voices heard, the more FCC will step in and correct the issues.

You're a gem, myvrsrelay. </sarcasm>