Sprint raises deaf 50% in 2 years for deaf data only plan, this makes me sick


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Nice! Yeah so love my android phone literally no need for a computer anymore!!! ;-)


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Nice! Yeah so love my android phone literally no need for a computer anymore!!! ;-)

I like Android because tethering, best map program and unique OS experience.

I'm not happy with Google Map on my iPhone but Apple developed the app that used licensed Google Map. They don't have landscape orientation, bird eye view and navigation.

Apple doesn't allow tethering on App Store, unless you want jailbreak to destabilize the iPhone with numerous bugs. Android has many tethering software on Google Play but Sprint blocked some of tethering software, however you can install tethering software directly from computer.

Android has desktop feeling, however their gaming selection isn't great as iPhone because every Android phones have different hardware that could cause different bugs since iPhone is uniformed hardware, just like game consoles (Xbox, PS3, Wii, DS, PSP).


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Compare to look at Verizon and Sprint. The 4G coverage compare with data that cost monthly fair price for Verizon while Sprint doesn't... Sprint doesn't cover much as Verizon coverage and recent expanding to Mississippi.

Where Sprint have been expanding lately?


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This problem exists for a lot of hearing contracts also, the prices increase or they need to stick with grandfathered plan. Verizon will try to get rid of the grandfather plans.

Cheapest and best data service I've seen is using a loophole with AT&T so you get unlimited HSPA with no throttling, unlimited texting. It costs ~$40/month per family plan because needed to split cost between 3 people, otherwise $1440/year for 3 lines. You can only do this loophole with certain android and non-apple phones.

problem is I think there is no LTE service for any deaf plan right now. It's only WiMAX and HSPA.

3G and 4G Wireless Speed Showdown: Which Networks Are Fastest? | PCWorld

The fast/better internet service (my opinion) is ranked like this:

#1. Verizon LTE
#2. AT&T LTE
#4. T-mobile HSPA
#5. T-mobile UMTS
#7. Verizon CDMA
#8. Sprint CDMA


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Sprint uses Verizon's towers so I assume coverage is just as good as Verizons cept for maybe in some areas they don't let Sprint in on the data plans thru their towers since they want people to use them if they need data coverage.

Yeah love mapping apps on my phone Foxrac mapping is something I've had a passion for a long time. Love working with data and information converting into map features. ArcGis on android is schweet with maps I've output via ArcMap on PC like a weather basemap where we can access live weather data for all regions anytime needed. Navigation is schweet as well Geocaching is Fun with it!!!