Spring School picture 2008


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here is TJ.. he is 8 but will be 9 in June. :)

Feel free to post your kids school pictures in here. :)


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Our school don't have spring picture..just fall one. I dunno why. Oh well!

He's cute kid! :)

Thanks. Really that strange? its a fundraising project from what i read. It said no obligation to buy the pictures. so its cool.

My favorite one is sepia tone and black n white. both r awesome. heh.


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Thanks and yes i am proud of him! cuz he overcome lot of barriers to where he is today. He used to be austitic. Now he only have sensory Processing disorder and development delay. I am VERY proud of him! :)


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Sure he is so cute boy and i sure miss fun with him lol. I know he is so charm because he is calm when he was beside me. Maybe he was shy of me long time ago!


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yw anytime.. :) he will popular when he getting older and girls will crazy over him.. watch out on him lol!

LOL how true.. yikes!!! hehehe.. hate to think of that .. oh well.. i will get to there when the time comes. but right now i wanna enjoy him being interested in transformers, power rangers, dragons, turtles, sharks, etc. heheh.. its fun to see him YELLIN and sign SHARK!!! lol.. :giggle:


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i am not in h.s. anymore but here is my grad pic from last year:)

Your son is veryy cute!! lve the diff tones too


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