Speech to text for phone with Android 2.2 OS


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open your text messaging app, at the bottom left hand side of the screen you will see something that looks like a microphone icon..click that icon, after clicking it you will be prompted to "speak now"..speak to the phone..it will translate to words (although not perfect translation, it works if you are in a pickle)


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What kind of phone do you have? It may be possible to change out the android os on it to the latest aka ICS 4.x which has these features by default that your looking for tho I think you can hit the microphone icon on the keyboard if it's there on 2.2


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In Russia many deaf people use Deaf-hearing chat application to convert speech to text, edit and send as message from hearing person to deaf.


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Yoman started a thread http://www.alldeaf.com/deaf-products-technologies/101322-speech-text-iphone-app.html about this for the iPhone but some of us use Android.

Rather than having people repeat or write down there are times it would be great to just be able to hand them my phone to talk into and then I read it.

Anyone have any current suggestions for this?

You can find an app which it can be found in Google Play. There is one app that can use speech and text. Very easy to use. I had it in my android tablet and it works very well. You can try it yourself and let me know how it works for you.

The android app for text and speech can be found in:


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My wife and I started using DeafNote (on Android 4). It is easier to use than the memo and note applications since there are fewer input options. It allows more lines than S-memo. The output can be easily resized. Some glitches but it even works with the land line on speaker phone.


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Hi, I also have a new android & the best speech to text note is called Listnote. Best of all it is Free & adless! It will even save the spoken notes & you can even speak a few sentences without issues. I use this all the time for hearing people to tell me what they say. It is highly accurate & people love this app. I hardly ever use my pen anymore.

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