Sore Ears from new hearing aid moulds.


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Can anyone give me some advice? My mum is 80+ and completely deaf without two hearing aids. She has recently had new moulds made for her aids and her ears have swelled up and the skin has broken. She is in so down because of the amount of pain she is in and has to use her old aids or can't survive day to day. As a result, the skin isn't healing. Can anyone suggest the best way of healing the skin? She has been to the Doc who says she must be allergic to her new moulds, but can't offer any advice on how to heal them quickly. She needs to spend time without them in, but what heals the skin quickest? Would be grateful for any advice, she is so depressed by this. We live in the UK.
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If her skin has broken and ears have swelled due to an allergic reaction consult with her Audiologist who fit her for the new moulds. They have different kinds of moulds made out of different things. Since she paid for them, she needs to take them in asap so that she may change them out before the warrenty runs out on them.

As for the skin, make sure she cleans the skin with something such as hydrogen peroxide. After cleaning it I would probably use something such as triple antibiotic cream on the affected area. She must not wear her hearing aids and even the old ones until her ears have healed as she will just irritate the skin every time she does. I hope this helps.


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I've had this happen - because there was spot on the mould that needed to be sanded down etc ... and then everything was completely fine -so it's possible that the moulds are just rubbing on one spot - which has caused the skin breakdown, swelling and has spread.

She needs to go the the audiologist who made the moulds and ordered them in and have the audiologist or the hearing aid tech there make suer that the mould isn't rubbing/chaffing or creating pressure points on her ear.

Of she's allergic to the material the moulds are made from , she needs to see the audiologist as well - to get moulds of a different material


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Ouch... that sounds bad.

Shouldn't the audiologist have her last visit on file that shows exactly what kind of ear molds she used?

If a different type of ear mold was used, it could be bad for the person... allergic reaction... irritated ears... etc.