Software TTY App??


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Do you know where I can get Software TTY App for IPhone or IPad? I need to contact Social Security via TTY thats why. Thanks!


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IP relay? on a cell phone?? how do I set it up? Where is the info on this?
I would use video phone app on cell phone but mine is too sluggish to use. I see them but they say my video is blocky and blurry.


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You are correct however I use the computer version as I cannot see on the small screens since I am deaf/blind. So I glad they offer that as an option too. :)

Whoop you're right forgot about that....and I agree. I don't have any apps related to VRS and IP/text relays on my phone. I have VRS on iPad but never used- likely can't now anyway- outdated. I use PC or the Z70.

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I use Software TTY on Apple 7 plus device without relay service. Just TTY to TTY anywhere as I use to TTY call to contact Bank of America for emergency if my debit/credit cards has been lost or stolen (Avoid relay service may steal my CC numbers as I would be scam victim) and I can TTY call to contract AAA tow truck service if my car break down while I am on vacation,

and I use a LED backlite bluetooth keyboard for travel and vacation or survive kit due to power outrage.

Also, Telemarketers try to call my Apple smartphone. I switched TTY mode to relay service. Telemarketers are stuck with relay service as they hung up on them and they can't bother me without ringing on my smartphone. i feel peace of mind.
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That link is no longer accessible due of T-Mobile acquired Sprint and i used that many times but same username and same password to T-Mobile IP Relay
hello, i'm needing your assistance over that if i could be able to get your mobile number soyou can assit me out
Double that since they says on the site that it accessible on the PC too. So I should be able to use that once my mom help me get it as I am sure I need a picture of my ID as it said on the FAQ you need ID verification.