So, I am single again!


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Nice Cheyenne messaging shea's friends about your relationship with him sexually. Sounds like you cant let go. But I still lol at all the people who ignore the fact you cheated on 2 people within a year and published it on your twitter then when I post it in this thread you block your twitter.


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ignore that have great life ahead, thats fo'sho :]

all you gotta to roll on your own and enjoy the life..just carpe diem :D


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I am single & my adorable boyfriend broke up not a long ago after being together for a month or so. Long story! Haha. He was really sweet & stuff. No, we don't hate each other.

Anyway, I am back to looking for a new boyfriend tho. I also liked that one emo boy a lot whose I met though one of my neighbors about 3 weeks ago. We hung out together a couple times. He is awesome but too bad he's taken or engaged or whatever. People say different things, lol. Haven't talked to him in a few days but I am sure he will text me back 'cause I asked my neighbor what happened to him & he said that he's out of town. So yeah. Must be bad services where he is at now.

Haha, it kinda sucks to be single!
Guess I am a hopeless romantic.
Hi, can we chat for a while? I'm very apologized about your ended relationship. I've been single for almost one year. :)


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I'm single since April 2006 after broke up with my boyfriend because of too much disputed between me and him.


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