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With the introduction of the iTouch, Iphone, IPad etc. in our house, the number of applications increase every day. One of the applications we have downloaded is a Norwegian Signlanguage Application..
We used signlanguage - well, signs - when Lotte couldn't hear, and in the time she started wearing CI. So, out of interest, we had a look at the application.

It's very good. Many words in alphabetical order with a video attached showing the sign. Obviously, it's "sign", not "signlanguage" but still good to have..
Of course, we showed it to Lotte who is interested in learning the signs... She loved it... part of "loving anything that moves on a touch-screen" but she is very interested in signing...

So.. Lotte wanted to have a go at it and loved it. Entering the words, looking at the video and repeating them to us - for us to guess what it meant... Great game..


Suddenly she say's "I'll turn the sound on so we can hear what the lady says." only to find that there was no sound with this application... She was so surprised.....
Then she smiled, looked at us and said.. "Yeh.! I can do that as well". Took off her CI's and continued playing with the application for a while..

Not too long... there's not enough sound to keep it interesting....

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