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I have found on road dead car. :-P its real OLD car since 2007 and its over 110k :-P Time for me to get a new one, but who knows when?! I'm hoping to get similar to SUV.
2007 real old with 100K ? I got a 2008 with 250K still purring along, just depends on how you maintain them.


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2007 real old with 100K ? I got a 2008 with 250K still purring along, just depends on how you maintain them.

I sold my 1998 Ford Explorer to a co worker several months ago that has over 213k (almost all highway miles) on it. She's been driving it for a while adding more miles on it (220K) before giving it to her son. Never gave her any new problems. :)

Still driving my '17 Mazda since new that has over 40k miles... zero problems.


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I have a old iron vehicle from the mid 90's a standard SUV from Chevy 3/4 ton. Paid 2000 cash 8 years ago owned outright, did about 5000 in shop work with about another 4000 to go within the next 12 months. (1500 to replace unsafe front end and 1000 for Michelin 3peak winter defender radials) Replacing the rust and paint on the body will be close to 10K. Thats a vanity. She has almost 300,000 miles on it. Third 350- engine in it with 80000 miles on it still in progress fixing common problems. For example fuel regulator is leaking. That will probably be 300 to replace. Spider injectors another 1000 and so on.

Part of the problem is that labor charges has gone from 60 a hour to 100 at my local shop. My fixed income only went up 2% in the same period last year. I am hoping for a big COLA increase of 10% or more just like it happened back in the 70's and so on. They are doing everything they can to resist having that high of a mandatory increase.

When SSA runs out of money, Congress doing nothing all of us (Seniors all the way down) will have to endure a mandatory 26% cut in benefits about 2034. I can live on that. But against what is happening now? I might have to emigrate from the USA and live somewhere else more cheaply as a expat. I dont expect to live that long.

Back seat is removed. She can function as a sleeper in the back or haul a Refrigerator for neighbors to earn it's keep in gas. I only go through 100 dollars in gas a year on that thing. Three years between proper fillups. So I throw 10.00 into the tank now and then. In the last Arkansas winter storm at -10 and 2 feet of wet snow on top of two to three inches of ice the 4x4 worked. But dont tell anyone that its so heavy it needs 4x4 to work and go anywhere. 2wd in those conditions gets stuck.

The more the Government mandates emissions and computer crap that creates it's own parasite drain on your fiances the easier it is just to spend a couple hundred a month fixing this or that. Here in Arkansas we are a non emissions state. Everyone has the chevy ford etc of that year era. Mechanics know how to fix them because they own them too. We spent 10,000 dollars cash fixing wear and tear on the other car a mid 2000's 4 door chevy. That was in the last 14 months. Some of it necessary BS Computer crap that was finally diagnosed and fixed permanently.

The problem is that the truck is not yet 100% DOT legal. I am working a list of necessary things until everything that needs replacing is replaced and she becomes strong and safe. Hopefully by next winter or summer.