Should the Deaf Be Considered an Ethnic Group?


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Cliff notes from this thread for those who don't want read all the wordy posts:

1. Deaf people can be an ethnic group.
2. No, they can't. Ethnicity is DEFINED as a group from the same genetic heritage.
3. But we were born deaf!
4. Yes, but there are also late deafened, HOH, etc. Too much variability.
5. But we all relate to each other!
6. Yes, but so do blind people, gay people, etc. They share common issues. What's stopping them from being an ethnic group?
7. But we share a common language, ASL!
8. Not all deaf people know ASL, some are oral and some know other sign language (BSL, etc.).
9. But we relate to each other! There's a mayor, a deaf person, and a father in a town! Who do you think a deaf boy relates to the most!?
10. Repeat #6-9 then go to #11.
11. If we make Deaf people an ethnicity, then there will be anarchy in US! No more SSDI! *Give 4 page quote from Harlan Lane*
12. Hmmm...... I still want SSDI. I just want to call myself ethnically Deaf because it sounds cool and makes us sound more powerful than simply culturally Deaf. I don't really need the legal change.

Just HAD to bump this up. I love this gem! :laugh2: